About Us

Name: Teresa.
Age: Somewhere in the 50's.
Occupation: Antique electronics buyer.
Height: 5 feet, 4 inches.
Weight: Significantly less than Fred.
Measurements: Sorry, this is not a porn site.
Turn-on's: Guys with grey ponytails, marathon courses without hills, size 7 pants tagged as size 5.

Boldly tinkering with a perfectly happy relationship, we finally decided to get married.


Name: Fred.
Age: 50's, but not so far in as Teresa.
Occupation: Programmer of all things programmable.
Height: 5 feet, 11 7/8 inches.
Weight: Over 200, but can easily slip into the 190's after a really good dump.
Measurements: Just measure a pear, then multiply by 8.
Turn-on's: Foods fried in Crisco, fishing line that doesn't break, spell-checkers that recognize "y'all" as a perfectly valid word.

Magic Words For Search Engine Spiders

Over the years, Teresa and I have been contacted by quite a number of long lost buddies who managed to locate us by searching the Internet. This always tickles us. So, in order to give these search engines a reason to point to DumbSoutherner.com when friends come looking for us, I've put together the following paragraph, chock full of magic phrases for the search engines:

Teresa and I have, at various points in our lives, been known by the names Fred Bean, Doug Bean, Douglas Bean, Fred Douglas Bean, Teresa Lee, Teresa Dawn Lee, Teresa Lance, and Teresa Bean. We've spent most of our lives living in Guilford County, North Carolina, including the towns of Oak Ridge and Greensboro. We've attended the following schools: Oak Ridge School, Northwest Guilford High School, Western Guilford High School, Guilford Technical Institute (GTI, now known as Guilford Technical Community College, or GTCC), and North Carolina State University (aka NCSU).

There. That ought to get those search engines pointing our way.