The Fifth Annual Weenie Man Expedition

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We hiked on to the next crossings. Everyone kept a close eye on me, apparently worried that I might try and pull off the same stream swimming trick as before. I was a bit nervous, but made it across without further baptizing.

When we made it back to the cliffs, Rob pointed out to the other Weenie Men the route we had taken coming in. We all agreed to follow him back to the spot where the boat was to pick us up. It was rough going, the rain having made the steep rocks even more slippery than they had been on the way in. I noticed a lot of legs quivering as we climbed along, exhausted from all the hiking and climbing.

The Weenie Men climbing, trying to get back home.
The Weenie Men climbing, trying to get back home.

We sat in the rain and waited for the boat to come to transport us back to civilization.

On the way back across Fontana Lake, our driver informed us that a hurricane was, indeed, on the way, and 6 to 8 inches of rain were expected. It was a good thing we left when we did. Another day, and we would have been stranded for a very long time.

Our driver also had some more news for us. While we had been back in the woods, O.J. Simpson had been acquitted of hacking his wife to death.

Ain't that the way life goes? O.J. kills his wife, but he gets to ride in a nice limousine back to his warm, dry house. I, on the other hand, sit for days in the cold rain, thoughtfully whittling my girlfriend a fine stick, but nearly get the death penalty.