Napkins and Bows

Here's something new I've learned that I'll bet a lot of guys don't even know: In order to put together a wedding, you must first choose your Official Wedding Colors. I had no idea. But, I know now.

Teresa came home from work with her little car loaded full of boxes. Most of these boxes contained dozens of huge bows, all in our Official Wedding Colors. After I carried all this paraphernalia into our guest bedroom (which is, by now, stacked floor to ceiling with assorted wedding doodads), Teresa brought in the last box. She excitedly told me to come take a look at the contents of this box.

Inside this box were hundreds of napkins, all in our Official Wedding Colors. In the upper corner of these napkins was printed "Teresa & Fred, April 15, 2000". The sight of these napkins hit me between eyes like a reality-laced bolt of lightening. Once you've seen your name printed on a stack of napkins, the not-completely-real, way-off-in-the-future sense of your wedding day instantly transforms into hard, cold reality. You are going to get married. It's real.

I suppose that this newly acquired sense of nuptial reality is responsible for some of the bizarre dreams I've been having lately. These dreams are different from any I've had in my entire 42 years of bachlorhood. You see, I no longer dream in black and white.

Now I dream in peach and cream, my Official Wedding Colors.