The Place

This was a tough one. We had to find a place close enough to Oak Ridge so that Teresa's relatives (who seldom stray far from home) would show up. We had to find a place close enough to Greensboro so that our friends would feel like showing up. The place had to be large enough to hold 100 or so guests, serve alcohol, and not have too many breakables lying around. This all amounted to a pretty tall order.

But, we did manage to find a place that fit the bill - Kepley's Barn in High Point, NC. Now, we'd be the first to admit that this is not the most romantic place in the world to get married. It is, after all, a barn. But, it fit our requirements, and had one very special added benefit: it includes a clean-up crew. If you've ever seen our house after one of our parties, you'd want a professional clean-up crew, too.

Of course, there's also a down-side to selecting Kepley's as the location for our wedding and reception. The cost of renting the place includes catering. And, there's not much to choose from as far as the menu goes. You get either barbequed pork or barbequed chicken. Now Teresa and I, being true Southerners, have absolutely no problem chowing down on a big old plate of pork. We love the stuff. But, some of our more health-consious, low-fat, "lite" friends may object. For them, I can only offer this suggestion: Live dangerously for a day - eat some pig. If you're arteries clog right there on the dance floor, I know CPR. But, you may want to look in your HMO's list of approved health providers before screaming my name. I'll be checking your wallet or purse.