Fred's Ring

I owned a ring once. It was a Western Guilford Class of 1975 high school class ring. I posessed it for all of two weeks before losing it in a motel room. (It's a long story, best left untold, involving alcohol and waking up in a panic long after my teenaged date's curfew.)

I'm hoping to have much better luck with my new ring.

Now, I did my best to convince Teresa that a plain gold wedding band from Walmart is exactly the same as a plain gold wedding band from the fanciest jeweler in town. I didn't want her spending a ton of money on my ring. Apparently, my argument was not convincing. She insisted on purchasing my wedding band from Schiffman's - the finest jeweler in all of Guilford County.

As it turned out, I'm glad we went to Schiffmans. You see, for a six-foot-tall, 195-pound man, I've got the little, tiniest hands you've ever seen. (And, yes - I've heard those myths about judging the size of other body parts by the size of a man's hand. And no, I will neither confirm nor deny the validity of this myth.) So, I needed a properly sized ring that wouldn't look too goofy on my tiny little finger. Well, Schiffman's had every size and shape of wedding band imaginable. And, they found one perfectly sized for my hand. On top of that, they carried a line of "comfort fit" bands. These are beveled on the inside rim so that very little of the ring actually touches your finger - a great thing if you're not accustomed to wearing a ring.

So, I'm now the proud owner of a Schiffmans' 6mm Comfort Fit 18K Gold Wedding Band. Teresa tells me that it looks quite natural on my hand. She even ocassionally lets me wear the ring around the house. Every time I put it on, I feel so, well... grown up.

Of course, I was feeling pretty grown up that night back in the 70's when I lost my high school class ring.

In any event, I'm quite tickled with my new wedding ring, and look forward to proudly wearing it the rest of my life. You can call me "Mr. Bean" when you see me wearing it.