The Dress

Now, for as long as I've know Teresa, she has never once exhibited any behavior that would lead me to believe she might be superstitious. However, that all changed the day she brought home her wedding dress.

The day Teresa purchased her dress, she was so excited that she called me from her car phone. She explained that she had planned on visiting several dress shops. But, her dream dress, the exact dress that she had pictured in her mind, jumped out at her during the first three minutes of shopping. She told me that she half-heartedly looked around at a couple of other boutiques, then rushed back to buy that dress. I couldn't believe it! I figured that it would take her months to find a dress she could even tolerate. Instead, she found her dream dress in less than five minutes.

I don't think I'd ever heard Teresa sound so excited. And, her excitement was contagious. I couldn't wait for her to get home so I could see this incredible dress.

When Teresa finally arrived, she was grinning from ear to ear. She looked so happy and excited.

"Alright!", I said. "Let's see this wonderful dress!"

"You can't see the dress," she told me. "It's bad luck."

I couldn't believe what I'd heard. But, it was true. Not only was I not allowed to see the dress, I was instructed to go into the bedroom and close me eyes as she brought it into the house. And, I was forced to swear that I will not ever attempt to sneak a peek at this magical dress.

So, here's all I know about the dress: One, it's wonderful. And two, it's stored in an opaque garment bag in one of the closets of our guest bedroom - a room that I am not allowed to enter until after we've been married.

I guess I have no choice but to let Teresa cling to this one superstition. I'm an understanding guy, and I won't attempt to sneak a peek at the dress. But, let it be known that I will not call the caterer to change our menu just because someone spots an owl roosting on our stoop during a full moon.

A man's got to draw the line on superstition somewhere.