The Date

Although we've been close friends for over a decade, Teresa and I had our first official date on April 16th, 1993. Since we never planned to marry, we've always used this date as sort of our unofficial "anniversary", and celebrated it as such.

When it came to selecting a date for our wedding, we first thought that it would be a good idea to stick with April 16th. (After all, I've already managed to memorize this date, and can proudly boast that I've never forgotten to come bearing gifts on this day.)

Well, as its turns out, April 16, 2000 falls on a Sunday. Not good. We didn't want people standing around at our reception, genteelly sipping on the refreshments, attempting to avoid the possibility of a starting the work week with a blistering hangover. We wanted everyone to be able to party with abandon. We certainly are! So, we were forced to select a different date.

Now, I'm not going to publish our wedding date either in the newspaper, nor here on this web page. I have no desire to aid some net-savy burgler in selecting the day on which he should rob our house in our absence. Let's just say we'll be getting married on a date that no one should have trouble remembering.

Warning to thieves: While Teresa and I may be absent from our home on our wedding day, we do own a 19-pound guard cat who can be quite grumpy if awakened from his nap. Pray that our security system runs you off before Fatty gets hold of you.